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The 31st STATIONERY OF THE YEAR 2022 Grand-Prix

paper flip board


collaborated with

Writting tool for web meeting

wemo paper flip board is a whiteboard for web meeting,which can solve the loss of communication

caused by verval communications on the meeting.

This makes discussions visible by writing and communicating and facilitates smooth communications.

This was born for "Whiteboarder" who often uses a whiteboard at meetings.

-  For whiteboarder -

ホワイトボード_ピクト_アートボード 1.png

for web meetings

Personal-sized whiteboard that shows your face and the board on the PC screen at the same time.
Board colors were designed to consider screen reflection


Special coating

Utilizing WEMO technology,
the board Improved erasability of conventional erasable whiteboards.
Easily erasable and leaves no eraser marks over time.
It comes with an exclusive pen and eraser.



Plastic-free material that contributes to the SDGs.
Lightweight and thin, weighing only 96g and easy to hold.
The side is designed with a pattern that takes advantage of the unique structure of paper.


Improved productivity

in web conferences

No technical knowledge, pen tabs, or other tools are requiredd as with online whiteboards,
allowing anyone to communicate easily and instantly in a web conference.
Participants can share a common understanding, which eliminates misunderstandings and reduces mistakes and problems.


Compatible with the new work style in COVID-19 pandemic

The board's personal size allows it to be used in any location
such as individual workspaces or free-address spaces, as well as for teleworking.

Easy-to-use integrated type

The eraser and pen can be attached to the board itself.
The integrated design not only saves space for storage,
but also makes it easy to use when needed.

DSC_5178 2.jpg


Q.How well does it leave no eraser marks comparing with whiteboards from other companies?


[Evaluation Method]
・Write on the whiteboards using pens provided with each products.
・Use only the eraser which is attached to this product. Move it in parallel on the writing area with a 200g weight at once.
・Measure and evaluate three times: after 1h, 48h, and 96h of writing.

Comparison of other companies' whiteboard erasers


Objects: Attached pen(0.8mm)



Web Meetings


1 on 1




With children



wemo paper flip board

Personal-sized whiteboard for web meetings

Products Description

Size :



Board(Cardboard box・Paper) /Surface(PET)
Eraser(EVA) / Pen(PP)


3,500yen(Excluding Tax)

・Please use the attached eraser to erase the writing.
・If you leave the pen for a long time after writing, it will be difficult to erase. In this case, wipe it off with a tissue containing alcohol.
・Touching the written area may cause the erased area to disappear or stain your hands or clothes.
・The surface or back of the board may be scratched by sharp or hard objects.
・Be careful to scratch your hands or fingers with the edges of the product.
・This is not waterproof.
・Please note that the product may be bent or folded by strong force, or warped slightly by drying or moisture.
・When storing the pen, keep it away from moisture, high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight, and lay it horizontally or vertically so that it does not bend.
・When used by children, the pen should be handled by guardians.


[About Purchase]

Where can I purchase this product?

This will be available for pre-sale at the [International] Stationery and Paper Products Exhibition ISOT on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.
On Saturday, July 9, it will go on sale at our e-commerce site, Amazon, and some stationery stores.

Where can I purchase the pen and eraser that come with the product?

You can purchase them at our online shop.

Are pens attached?

Yes, one pen is attached.

Are erasers attached?

Yes, one eraser is attached.

[About the use of products]

What kind of pens can be used?

Please use pen marked "Whiteboard only.
Please do not use ordinary oil-based markers, oil/water-based ballpoint pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, etc.

Can magnets be used?

No, magnets cannot be used because the material is film and paper.

I am concerned about the strength of the paper product.

The main body is made of corrugated cardboard with a reinforced structure,and the writing surface of the board is coated with a special hard coat, making it durable enough for daily use.
However, if strong force is applied to the board, it may dent.

My writing does not erase cleanly. What should I do?

If you use a pen which is not the supplied one or if the eraser is dirty, ink may remain on the surface.
In this case, please clean the board surface and the eraser.

How should I clean the board surface?

Wipe the surface with a clean cloth or wet wipe that has been wetted with water and wrung out strongly, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.
Please avoid getting water on the back side of the board.

How should I clean the eraser?

Please wash the eraser well with a neutral detergent, rinse it off with water, and then dry it before use.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for coverage.

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