Can be written with an oil based ballpoint pen and erased with fingers or erasers.


The waterproof material prevents smudging or erasing when submerged underwater.


Special coating provides a smooth writing and erasing experience.




For iPhone 7/8/SE2, iPhone X/XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12/12 Pro

  • Silicon case (phone  & tablet) that not only protects your device, but allows you to take notes externally.

  • Write directly on the case with any oil based ballpoint pen and can be erased by rubbing with a finger or an eraser for convenient reuse.

  • Can take notes right away whenever you need to, so don't have to carry a memo.

  • It is ideal for reminders and todo lists.

  • It can be used cafes and other places without concerns. Because it will not erase even in wet conditions.

material:silicone,polycarbonate, soft microfiber

◆Precautions for use

  • Test your selected pen on a unnoticeable area of the wemo before using freely, so as not to leave permanent ink markings.

  • Remember to erase your markings before leaving the wemo unused, as pen ink might transfer to the band if left for extended periods of time.

  • Felt tip or marker-type pens are not advisable for use.

  • Avoid use near open flames and fires.

  • Please keep away from children. 



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