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Can be written with an oil based ballpoint pen and erased with fingers or erasers.


The waterproof material prevents smudging or erasing when submerged underwater.


Special coating provides a smooth writing and erasing experience.






  • Wrist band style "Wearable Memo", based on the concept of "Take notes and keep notes, anytime, anywhere".

  • With our unique surface coating on silicon materials, you can write with an oil based ballpoint pen, can erase with fingers or erasers and can be used many times.

  • Your notes will not wash out while using under wet conditions or underwater.

◆Precautions for use

  • Test your selected pen on a unnoticeable area of the wemo before using freely, so as not to leave permanent ink markings.

  • Remember to erase your markings before leaving the wemo unused, as pen ink might transfer to the band if left for a long period of time.

  • Felt tip or marker-type pens are not advisable for use.

  • Avoid use near open flames and fires.

  • Please keep away from children. 

wemo pen


Material:Antibacterial ABS

  • This is a small oil-based ballpoint pen exclusively for band type.

  • The pen is specially designed for band type and can be easily attached with a clip.

  • There is no need to carry a separate ballpoint pen, and notes can be quickly taken anytime, anywhere.





Production line


Cooking / Shopping


Daily Reminders



"The eyes naturally attracted to the arm and can easily remember what I wrote"

  - ADHD patient

"Since I wash my hands a lot everyday,

it is very helpful that my notes does not

get erased."

  ​- Nurse

"Reminds the tasks that should be done and may forget easily.​"

  - Childcare worker

"It is easy to work because there is no need to take the notebook out and both hands become free"

​  - Librarian

"I was taking notes on the back of the hand but

it looks dirty...... wemo is fashionable and smart !"

  - Nutritionist

"It has helped me to solve the annoyance of putting the notes in and out many times in a day."

  - Caregiver

"It's become unnecessary to remove  the gloves when I take notes."

​  - Dairy farmer

"Paper memos become soggy easily.....I'm able to take notes with confidence regarding aid and lost children."

​  - SPA manager

"There is no need to take out a notebook each time during delivery"

​  - Deliveryman

"It will not be lost or blown by the wind even in outdoors."​

  - Circuit staff

”I write the split time for each check points.​"

  - Marthon runner

”It is easy to take notes while travelling where it is difficult to take my smartphone out.​"

  - Travel blogger

"I write down important points in advance where I should be careful when I swing."

​  - Golfer

"I was writing on the hand with a permanent marker until I knew wemo"

​  - Mother of a developmental disorder child

"It's become better that there is no longer necessery to carry a notebook to various sites"

  - Policeman

"It is useful to take notes about crop size and work procedure"

  - Farmer

"It is very convenient to have an immediate memo on the inspection of the water meter"

​  - Meter reader


― FAQ ―

Where can I purchase?

We sell on Amazon Japan. We have a plan to expand other mass retailers, and will inform you as soon as we decide. Already released 4 colors of erasable type, other types are under development.

Are there any precautions for use?

It is eraseble with your fingers or erasers. However, pen ink might transfer to the band if you don't erase for a long time or use inappropriate pens. When ink is transferred, please clean it with alcohol. Also note that, green color wemo is darker to in case you do not want others to see your notes. Please do not use Mitsubishi UNI Jetstream as it may leave marks due to compatibility issues.

Can I use any pens ?

You can use any ballpoint pens. Especially ZEBRA Gymnock 0.7mm core is recommended, other pens might be difficult to erase. It might also be difficult to write and erase by FRIXION or other erasable ballpoint pens. Aqueous ink pens or pencils are not advisable for use. Please evaluate to write and erase before using your own pen.

Is shipping fee and handling fee charged?

Shipping fee and handling fee may vary depending on your status on Amazon or other online stores. Please ask the seller for details.

How to use it?

You can wrap wemo (silicone band) around your wrist and write directly on it by a ballpoint pen. Even though your notes will not wash out, you can erase it by rubbing with fingers or erasers easily.

Is there any problems to use on sensitive skin?

Wemo is harmless to human body. However please refrain using when it does cause a problem on your skin.

Can I use it on a thick wrist?

It is also designed for a thick wrist with 238 mm long.

Can I wear it on other parts than wrist?

Do not use around your neck or other parts on your body because it may cause serious problems for your health. Though it might be possible to wrap around objects, we recommend to use only on your wrist.

About an alcohol cotton in the package

An alcohol cotton is included in the package. When ink is transferred to the band, please use the cotton to wipe it off. We recommend to use an alcohol cotton with 70% and above.

Other inquiries or requests for interview.

Please contact us from the contact form . The person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.



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