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― Wearable Memo for front liners ―

Wearable Memo

Wear this memo band wrapped around your wrist.

For Work

Designed to keep professionals in-the-know while they’re on-the-go at work.


Relieve the pressure and

the stress to memorize



A writable silicon band with

an oil based ballpoint pen


A writable silicon pad

with an oil based ballpoint pen


A smartphone case style memo

made of silicone




Main results

We accept customizations for promotional and in-house business productions, such as name insertion, surface design, color change, etc.




It is featured in various media including key TV channel stations.



Why are bands scaled?

The wemo was originally inspired by a nurse who was seen consistently taking notes directly on the surface of her hand. We wanted to give that nurse, and others like her, an alternative way of jotting down notes quickly on the go, without affecting the skin.


The measurement markings on the band were also inspired by the tools that working professionals require to have close by throughout the day.

Challenge by a industrial film manufacturer in Tokyo

COSMOTEC is a manufacturer of functional films such as adhesive tapes and protective films for various electronic devices. Our technology and products have been applied to TV, tablet computers and many other digital appliances we usually use.

Applied technology of special patented skin stickers

Utilizing our development of the world’s first patented adhesive technology found in our TATTOO Sticker, we have produced a special surface coating that allows easy writing and erasing. The inspirational technology behind the TATTOO Sticker includes: sticking without water, adhering even when wet, and easily peeling off when intended.

Received the Tokyo Business Design Award

Won an award of excellence in the Business Design Competition for the collaboration with SME in Tokyo and Designers.

― FAQ ―

Where can I purchase?

We sell on Amazon Japan. We have a plan to expand other outlets, and will inform you as soon as we decide.We have already released 4 colors of Erasable type. Other types are under development.

Are there any precautions for use?

It is eraseble with your fingers or erasers. However, pen ink might transfer to the band if you don't erase for a long time or you use inappropriate pens. When ink is transferred, please clean it with alcohol. Please also note that, green color wemo is darker to prevent others from peeking your notes. Mitsubishi UNI Jetstream has problems with suitability, as traces will remain, please do not use.

Can I use any pens ?

You can use any ballpoint pens. Especially ZEBRA Gymnock 0.7mm core is recommended, other pens might be difficult to erase. It might also be difficult to write and erase by FRIXION or other erasable ballpoint pens. Aqueous ink pens or pencils are not advisable for use. Please evaluate to write and erase before using your own pen.

Is shipping fee and handling fee charged?

Shipping fee and handling fee may vary depending on your status on Amazon or other online stores. Please ask the seller for details.

How to use it?

You can wrap wemo (silicone band) around your wrist and write on it directly by a ballpoint pen. Even though your notes will not wash out, you can erase it by rubbing with fingers or erasers easily.

Is there any problems to use on sensitive skin?

Wemo is harmless to human body. However please refrain using it when it does cause a problem on your skin.

Can I use it on a thick wrist?

It is also designed for a thick wrist with 238 mm long.

Can I wear it on other parts than wrist?

Do not use around your neck or other parts on your body because it may cause serious problems for your health. Though it might be possible to wrap around objects, we recommend to use only on your wrist.

About an alcohol cotton in the package

An alcohol cotton is included in the package. When ink is transferred to the band, please use the cotton to wipe it off. We recommend to use an alcohol cotton with 70% and above.

Other inquiries or requests for interview.

Please contact us from the contact form . The person in charge will contact you as soon as possible.




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