Can be written directly on to the cover A4 size


Reusable Storage Tag

ReTag is a Tag tool brand that specializes in storage memos.

You can write directly on the storage without compromising the appearance so that you can see what's inside at a glance.

Although memos are thrown out after it is used, we are developing sustainable products that can be used repeatedly, such as tag stickers that can be written on, erased, and peeled off


Can be written and erased using a permanent marker

The original coating on the product allows it to write in
permanent marker and erase it.


Label on to the storage

You can write directly on the storage.This eliminates the stress of checking and remembering what is in the storage and when it was put away.


Practical and sustainable

In pursuit of "repeatable use," we have created a "non-disposable" product. We are challenging to achieve both convenience and sustainability.




Can be written directly on to the cover A4 size


Can be written directly on to the index tab A4 size


Removable Index sticker


Removable Label sticker


Over 650,000 pcs in just three years. 

wemo has created a new category of "wearable memos".

wemo has created a new category of "wearable memos", based on the philosophy of "reducing the stress of memorizing". It has won many awards, including Japan Stationery Award, Good Design Award and many other domestic and international awards, and has sold over 650,000 pcs in just three years

Applying "tag" from the Web to the real world. 

Knowing at-a-glance reduces the stress of memorizing.

ReTag solves the problem of not being able to tell what's inside a file or storage box until you open it because of the emphasis on appearance, or the loss of design due to the use of printed stickers to indicate the contents. ReTag is designed to allow anyone to organize and store things in a stylish way by allowing you to see at a glance who it belongs to and what is inside without having to look at the contents.

A manufacturer, who use plastic as a main raw material, aims to reduce plastic in a new way.

As a manufacturer of industrial films, for de-plasticization to achieve the SDGs, we came up with the idea that we could reduce waste by using plastic permanently instead of disposing it. Based on this idea, we have developed special files for organizing documents and reusable, writable and erasable stickers.


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